Tis the Season

I know. I am supposed to post the recipe for Pork Rillettes. But I am too tired. It’s spring after all, with its myriad tasks: making new beds, planting like crazy, transplanting like there is no tomorrow, watching the chicken scratch through the weeds, weeding!, uppotting tomatoes, feverishly writing labels… and ah! yes! morels! from the hills! fresh! meaty! smelling of the forest floor…


I’ll post the rillettes recipe. Just not today.

3 thoughts on “Tis the Season”

  • Do not worry ! We will wait patiently for the rillettes recipe…
    But now that you posted about these fresh morels, I’m mouthwatering and wondering what did you prepare with…

  • OOOH! Morels! My dad and I used to go hunting for them coincidentally not too far from where we live now. Happy childhood memories for sure for me.

    Goodness but of course spring is incredibly chaotic: I can wait for the rilletes too because I am fairly overwhelmed with gardening tasks. But: I do have a goose that is due to be slaughtered and I even have a duck and a half in the freezer still so I am well stocked in fatty rillete-making things!! Including leeks and red wine vinegar. Not to you know put any pressure on you or anything 🙂

  • To tell you the truth Vanille, this picture was one of many taken during a “photo” session for another project. But I liked it enough to use it for the blog. We end up eating our moles sauteed, finished with a sprinkling of chopped garlic and some thick cream – and sometimes asparagus. ANd good bread to mope the sauce, of course!

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