Dehydrator full of drying zucchini chips

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  • Hi Sylvie,

    We hope you had a nice summer! I’ve had a lot of success with my herbs this year. We have french thyme and tarragon, rosemary, flat Italian parsley, sage, Russian sage, sorrel, and dill. I love their fragrances, but I need to learn more about how to cook with them. I’ve also been growing flowers, primarily zinnias, and sunflowers. It was fun to see all of the butterflies sipping nectar from the flowers each morning. We will miss seeing them this winter and we look forward to their return next year.

    This fall, I am interested in your canning classes. I have a caner with a rubber seal, but I’ve read that this is not the preferred type? Can you tell me what dehydrator you use. I’ve never seen one like the one you photographed. Is it an electric dehydrator?

    Thank you,

    Marilyn Price
    Price Farm
    317 Aaron Mountain Road
    Castleton, Virginia 22716

  • Hi Marilyn, good to hear from you, and how well your garden has been doing.

    I am not sure what you mean by a “caner with a rubber seal”. I assume you mean you have a pressure canner? While they are more complex to use than a water-bath canner, they allow you to can anything using the pressure-canning method when used properly, ie. following the time line and pressure weight indicated in the recipes you are following. Older models are not considered as safe as newer ones (and you want to make sure you all all the parts and they are all properly functioning). It’s my understanding they need to be calibrated once a year. If you mean your jars have a rubber seal, then yes indeed there are no longer recommended for home canning by the USDA… but other countries use them.

    My food dehydrator is indeed electric, it’s a simple Mr. Coffee model that I picked for $3 at a yard sale several years ago. It does not have a temperature regulator but it works well enough for the few things I am dehydrating.

    Take care!

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