Postcard From the Woods

who? what? when? how? why?


7 thoughts on “Postcard From the Woods”

  • You know, I think the only thing that would be ridiculously hard would be laundry. Oh, and sewing and knitting because I’m awful with that kind of stuff! SO: If I could subcontract all clothing work, I’m there.

  • salut
    cette ancienne maison, n’est pas pres de chez toi?, il semble que j’avais vue une comme ca.


  • Pretty interesting. Every so often we will come across the remnants or foundation of an old cabin when out hiking and ponder it’s history. That rock chimney is pretty amazing.

  • What a charmer — There’s a satisfying calmness just imaging what story the walls could tell — a calmness that doesn’t exist today.

  • The chimney is really beautifully laid. Sad to see the cabin in such disrepair. And yes, one always wonders about the people who lived there. If you’ve got the old plats for your property, it might show up on it with a family name at least…

  • Ed – indeed, that depend on who’s asking, and whom one’s asking, doesn’t it?

    El – yep, no running water, no electricity either… mmmm… makes one think

    Sabine – si, tu as raison, juste en haut du chemin.

    Mike – I like the stone wall too, but it’s been relaid recently – not the chimney, still standing proud after all those years

    Rusty – I bet the life in there was a lot less clam than the picture

    Paula – it’s not mine, and I actually know somebody (now 75) who was raised there. He does not seem to miss it… too much.

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