Can you guess which one is the river and which one is the road (and that’s less water running through than early this morning)

No matter, we are stuck here! And the rain’s not over yet.


First order of the day was to move the chicken to higher – and drier – pasture, since the one where they were is under water.  While they did not like their coop moved (while they were inside), they certainly don’t seem the worse for it and are now joyfully attaching fresh grass. Lots of chicken butts to see.


And one of the big advantage of an electronet is that you can move it fast and easily. Also it catches leaves and straw debris from the running water. At least I get to keep some of my organic materials.

Although I am sure the water will leave debris behind too.

Isn’t that how the Nile Valley used to be fertilized?

4 thoughts on “Stuck!”

  • Wow, I hope it has receded a bit as that is quite an overflow of water? I can’t even tell which side of the road the river is supposed to be on. Makes me glad that I live on a hill.

  • Goodness! I hope the river has gone down!

    I had a question, I’m a newbie when it comes to greenhouse/hot house problems…This is my first year with greenhouse and I saw aphids covering my oregano and hot pepper plants today! I’ve also noticed an increase in the black ants.

    I have baby purple basil and marigolds under a grow light and I am a little concerned. I also have some pineapple sage and big marigold plants.

    Should I spray with a soap mixture? I’m totally organic so chemical treatments are out of the question!

  • Hi Seth – In my experience, I get aphids when plants grow fast & soft, maybe because it’s too warm, they don’t get enough light/sun, there are too much fertilized, they don’t get enough air movement etc. large plants recover. Seedlings depend. If you are not long from planting them out (it’s possible depending where you garde) they may recover once planted out. I have better luck keeping my seedling on the cool side (for their range) and giving them plenty of air movement: prevention is the best. So look at your growing conditions and make adjustments.

    Good luck!

  • Mike, it receded pretty fast, but now we are to get a lot of snow – at least a lot for us in Virginia, 2 feet.
    I do live on the side of a hill – a good things in times like inundation, although terracing is mandatory to garden. The picture is what’s at the bottom, in the hollow.

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