On The Fall Garden

I am finally now working on the fall garden. Earlier sowings this month just did not make it: it was too hot and too dry for germination. A little rain though, and arugula, cilantro and dill are popping up. Yesterday I pulled¬† the corn stalks from the lower garden (approving clucking noises in the chicken yard where the corn stalks landed) and quickly reshaped the beds. Today I transplanted a few cabbage seedlings. I also planted some sprouted potato tubers… you never know…


Most of the corn has been pulled up that is. A few stalks (left center) were tied together to make an impromptu trellis for a volunteer currant tomato. You use what you have…

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  • It will be interesting to see how your late planted potatoes do. Just for fun I planted some in May, June, and July this year. So far they have all flowered. Good luck with your winter garden.

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