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I am very happy to continue writing The Seasonal Table Column for Flavor Magazine. The first 2 pages of the  March-April issue Seasonal Table is shown above, with Molly Peterson’s photography. As the magazine also contains recipes from restaurant chefs, my role is to provide recipes geared at the home cook using ingredients locally in season. The March April issue includes recipes for those dishes:

  • Green Salad With Duck Fat Fried Potato And Eggs
  • Green Salad with Baked Goats Cheese
  • Quiche Morsels
  • Sautéed Mushroom with Virginia Ham
  • Butternut Squash Yogurt Parfait
  • Berry Jammy Semifreddo
  • Ricotta & Berry Jam Tart
  • Flavor Magazine was started three years ago by publisher Melissa Harris. Initially a quarterly, it has become a bi-monthly – a sure sign of its success – focusing on the Capital foodshed. The magazine covers a wide range of topics and you’ll be find bite-size items, in-depth reporting articles, as well as essays & opinions. Topics cover farmers and growers, farms & orchards, specialty retailers & local food distributors, wines & wineries, chefs & restaurants, food crafters & artisans, new food product introduction, our local food system in its myriad aspects, local ingredients, farm dinners, food and agricultural festivals and many other related topics.

    I particularly enjoy writing the seasonal introduction every time tying what’s on the plate to what’s growing and what’s being harvested — although at about only 300 words, I sometime struggle to say what I what with not too many words… Brevity is not my forte.  Writing the column forces me to look at the food I cook every day in a new way. I know it tastes good – using impeccably fresh ingredients harvested at their peak goes a long way toward delicious. But I need to present it – and write it  so the dishes looks fresh, bright, appealing, and uncomplicated yet flavorful.  What home cooking should be.

    Be March and April be kind to all of us.

    All the recipe can be found on-line on Flavor’s website.

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