Spring Break!?

Johnny jump-ups & other small violas

Mais où sont les neiges d’antan? (where are the snows of yesteryear?)

Early daffodils blooming in January, late ones in March – 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Maples blooming in late February. Red buds in full blooms now. Peach and cherry blossoms passed their peak. Morels already and first asparagus picked on March 28 (friends of mine picked some even earlier in their garden). Strawberries blossoming. Buds breaking on the grapes.

..and it’s dry, dry, dry (although the grass sure looks green… but the creek is low and the ground is dry). It is … disturbing.

The garden is exploding and I am not ready for it.

So… for this (and because of other projects, some of which might end-up being discussed on the blog), I am (I have been)  taking a blog break! A couple of months maybe… maybe less.

Happy spring. Let’s hope we have a cooler than average summer.


4 thoughts on “Spring Break!?”

  • Sylvie,

    It is disturbing, isn’t it? Here our “hardy” kiwis set buds waaaay too early, only to be zapped two weeks ago by temps in the 20s. They are rallying with more precocious buds but temps are due to plunge again next week. Figs, apple blossoms, all emerging too early, too early…..and we need rain as well.

    Here’s hoping summer brings cooler temperatures and rain! Best wishes for a bountiful season.

  • Happy spring to you, Sylvie. March was the warmest ever in MN–and by a lot. April has been more like average, even a little cooler. As for the rest of the growing season, all bets are off…. Enjoy your blogging break, and rest assured an eager audience awaits your return. All best~ Brett

  • Hey, Sylvie! I’m just paging thru the new Mother Earth News, and whose name do I come across at the end of the canning article but one Sylvie Rowand, 20-year canner. Very cool! Hope all is well, and that the blog is back in action soon. All best~ Brett

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