Sunday’s Walk

Sunday’s walk – a day before the long rain. How fresh and green and vibrant was everything in the cool brilliant day.

Shades of green – a case of walking with your eyes up (no morels for me):

Brilliant dogwood, Virginia state flower

pawpaws in bloom

Pawpaws loaded with blooms (edible fruit)
wild cherries immature
Tiny immature wild cherries (edible fruit – various other parts may be used with caution in herbalism)
wild viburnum
Viburnum blooming everywhere
witch hazel
Witch hazel forming fruit (herbal craft)
autumn beries
Intensely fragrant autumn berry blossoms (edible fruit)
Sassafras – new leaves and immature seed head (herbal craft)
basswood in bud
Basswood (American Linden) – new young leaves (young new leaves are edible; other parts used in herbalism)

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