2023 for sale plant list

Those are seedlings available for sale this spring. First come first served, depending on availability. 6-10 plants of each cultivars.

TOMATOES $4.50 in 4″ pot
1. Large
– Mortgage Lifter VFN, disease resistant, https://southernexposure.com/products/mortgage-lifter-vfn-tomato/
– Cherokee Purple (heirloom), one of my favs, and the shorter original strain. https://southernexposure.com/products/cherokee-purple-tomato/
– Tropic VFN, disease resistant, https://southernexposure.com/products/tropic-vfn-tomato/

2. All purpose
– Marglobe (heirloom)  https://www.growitalian.com/tomato-marglobe-106-17/

3. Processing/drying
– San Marzano https://www.growitalian.com/tomato-san-marzano-106-16/
– Principe Borghese, also a great salad tomato, and an excellent keeper. https://www.growitalian.com/tomato-principe-borghese/
– Heinz 1350 VF, also a good salad tomato and disease resistant https://southernexposure.com/products/heinz-1350-vf-processing-tomato/
– Roma VA selection, disease resistant, https://southernexposure.com/products/roma-vf-virginia-select-paste-tomato/

4. Cherry
– Piccolo Datturo (“little date”), https://www.theheirloomseedstore.com/product/tomato-pomodoro-piccolo-dattero-ibrido-f1
– Tropical Sunset, https://southernexposure.com/products/tropical-sunset-cherry-tomato/

PEPPERS $4.50 in 2″ pots
– Tru-Hart, pimento pepper, https://southernexposure.com/products/truhart-nr-sweet-pepper/
– Corno di toro rossa, Italian pepper, https://www.growitalian.com/products/Pepper-Corno-di-Toro-Rosso.html
– Melrose, Heirloom Italian frying pepper, https://southernexposure.com/products/melrose-sweet-pepper/
– Padron, Spanish peppers, MUST BE PICKED VERY SMALL or they will be hot, great for quick blistering, https://www.growitalian.com/pepper-padron-97-38/
– Gochugaru, Korean hot pepper, moderately hot, https://southernexposure.com/products/gochugaru-hot-pepper/
– Early Jalapeno https://www.fedcoseeds.com/seeds/early-jalapeno-hot-pepper-3834

EGGPLANTS $4.50 in 4″ pots
Just a few extra of each
– Ping Tung https://southernexposure.com/products/ping-tung-long-eggplant/
– Rosita https://southernexposure.com/products/rosita-eggplant/
– Violetta Lunga https://www.growitalian.com/eggplant-violetta-lunga-90-1/


I have a few dozen extra plants, not a few hundreds this year!

Potted plants $4.50 each in 4-5″ pots; rooted slips $3; slips $2 – from home-saved tubers. In excellent growing conditions, expect 8-10 lbs of tubers per EACH slip.
– Beauregard – reliable, high yielding variety. Crack-resistant roots and deep orange color with dry flesh. It can produce VERY large tubers (5lbs!) in good conditions – but those are still excellent for eating. Very versatile in the kitchen.
– All-purple – purple skin, purple flesh, a great keeper. Long Cylindrical tubers are set deeper than Beauregard so make sure to dig them up. If grown in pots, they’ll be a lot of them at the bottom of the pot. I prefer them steamed o set the gorgeous color. Roots are starchy, dry, slightly sweet, and store well.
– Carolina Ruby – red skin, dark orange flesh, moist & moderately sweet. I only have a few, and they are behind

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