Fast Food My Way (Tongue it is!)

We eat plenty of fast food here – especially for lunch. Don’t believe me? well… take a look at the picture of one of our not unusual lunches. Green salad from the garden (Pick early in the morning, wash, dry, refrigerate, ready to go in […]

Roasting a Spring Lamb

Roasting a whole lamb in the spring is the epitome of the outdoor party (although a whole pig comes pretty close too). We just did that this week-end for the benefit dinner organized by Flavor Magazine to benefit the Rappahannock Food Pantry.

On Sauerkraut and Other Fermented Food

I had never eaten homemade sauerkraut until I started to make it last year. I can’t say that I really like the store-bought canned stuff – but I really like a Reuben sandwich, and you do need sauerkraut for that. In my quest for more […]

There is More to Turkey Than Roasting it for Thanksgiving

I have to confess that I do not have the proper respect for Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that food-centric holiday. It’s just that – not having grown with it – I am not enough imbued with its traditions, and I am trying […]

On Beeing A Cicada (or: Food Preservation)

La Cigale, ayant chanté Tout l’été, Se trouva fort dépourvue Quand la bise fut venue. * Jean de LA FONTAINE (La Cigale et La Fourmi) While I don’t think you have to toil the entire summer to put some food by, this is certainly the […]

Summer Lunch

Summer has been cooler here than in prior years. So while tomatoes are really just starting to ripen and yield – finally!!!! – for real (a good 2 weeks past my usual tomato target date though), cabbage, kale (kale!!! in July! edible!) and lettuce greens […]

it’s summer, you eat … WHAT???!!!

Purslane: I call it a nutritious easy to grow crunchy little green (now officially renamed par moi a “super gourmet green” !). Add it to green salads, or – my favorite – to potato salad. Other people like it too: El – of course! (go […]

Elder Blossom Lemonade

A plant of our hedgerows and abandoned fields that are being reconquered by the forest, the elder favors the sides of ditches and embankments – especially those with a bit of shade. Oh, it grows well enough in full sun, but it seems to appreciate […]

Butter Cookies From Brittany

That’s “Brittany” as in “French Brittany” the westernmost maritime province of France. Following my recent post on making Petits Pots de Yogurt With Strawberry Compote, Paula and Mary both asked about the golden cookie pictured next to the yogurt, and would I please provide the […]

Petits Pots Of Yogurt And Strawberry Compote

Yogurt is for dessert too. After a 15+ year hiatus, I am again making yogurt. Easy, tasty, low-tech. Did I say easy? Since I much prefer eating yogurt to drinking milk, I have been making at least two quarts of yogurt a week. Love it! […]