The Art of Picnicing

Serve good food. Serve fresh food. Use real silverware and a real cloth napkin. Make it pretty. Be imaginative in your use of containers – avoid plastic. Print a menu and tuck it in the box. Have fun.

He Likes Duck Fat

Potatoes fried in duck fat, with garlic & parsley, a very fresh green salad (with not a leaf of lettuce in sight) topped with a little bit of duck breast – a perfect lunch for this blessedly rainy Sunday. Obviously, he thought so too (and […]

Making Yogurt

It only took me 15 years. I used to make yogurt. Really, I did. I had one of those nifty little machine with individual glass containers. You prepared your yogurt mix, pour it into the little glass jars, nested the jars into matching holes in […]

Lovely Lemony Sorrel

There are indubitable signs of springs out there (besides the 2 minutes of additional daily daytime we are getting now). For once, the snowdrops are nodding their tiny white bells in the still blustery gusts of wind and then, then!, yellow IS swelling the buds […]

Upcoming Workshops

OK! commercial plug for … me! Those in the Washington DC area, Charlottesville area and in the Piedmont, who are interested in cooking or kitchen gardening may be want to take a look at my upcoming cookery and kitchen garden workshops in Washington, VA in […]

Cream Those Sunchokes

So what do you do with that almost, but not quite forgotten vegetable, Jerusalem Artichokes or Sunchokes, freshly dug from the garden? I have read that you can eat it raw, but have not tried that yet – except for a sliver to taste: it’s […]

Presto Garden Buckwheat Noodles

I don’t know about you, but when I am home working and need a quick lunch, I want it QUICK. It’s often throwing together a green salad & omelet, or fajitas (or quesadillas), or – in winter – reheating some soup and making a sandwich […]

Secret Ingredient

That’s my little dirty secret. Dirty, because, you know, it’s not local. Shhh … don’t tell anybody. (I drink coffee too) Use immoderately: in tomato sauce (of puttanesca inspiration); mashed in salad dressing (beyond Caesar) – really good with steamed baby leeks; cooked with Swiss […]

Really Cute Teeny Jam Tarts

Who does not like dessert? A little something sweet at the end of the meal? Especially a special meal? Yeah even the people who say they don’t really like sweets love a little dessert. While I like to think myself fairly conversant in making pretty […]

Fast Food, Slow Food

My baker was really starting to slack. He was supposed to bake for a New Year’s eve party. I would make pate, he would make bread, our hostess would “ouh” and “ah”. A 911 call came in. As a member of a local rescue squad, […]