On Roots

I do not know why it took me all those years to finally cook an entire Reunionese meal for friends. Maybe it was because I did not think anybody would be interested. I am relieved to say that was not at all the case. In 

Smoking Bacon

Bacon’s my friend (especially the kind that comes from a pastured pig). A few weeks ago I read Brett Laidlaw’s post on Trout Caviar about smoking bacon. He wrote  it just about 2 years ago, but I only recently read it. I knew we had 

Fragile Promises

Cherry blossoms in early April are incredibly lovely, aren’t they? and incredibly fragile. They open their snowy petals for pollinators to do their jobs when the chance of freeze or frost is still real and so one wonders: is this too early? will a frost 

Fast Food, Slow Food

My baker was really starting to slack. He was supposed to bake for a New Year’s eve party. I would make pate, he would make bread, our hostess would “ouh” and “ah”. A 911 call came in. As a member of a local rescue squad,