Seed Starting

Growing Chayote in Virginia

Growing what? You know… “chayote” (sometimes spelled “chayotte”), also known as chouchou, chocko, christophine, mirliton, vegetable pear. You don’t know? Time for today’s lesson, then: Sechium edule, a member of the cucurbitacea family (or if you prefer a cousin of squashes and cucumber), originates from […]

Start Your Fall Kitchen Garden NOW

Now is when you should start your fall and winter Kitchen Garden. Truly, there are some things that should be planted in May or June for fall harvesting because those crops take a long time to mature (like celeriac, parsnip, the perennial sunchokes, winter cabbages, […]

The Scent of Swiss Chard

I had no idea that Swiss Chard flowers smelled so good. The flowers themselves are small and inconspicuous – albeit on top of rather incongruously awkward stems that flop onto their neighbors – and, unfortunately onto the cowslip primroses. The scent is powdery sweet, not […]