Planning for Tomatoes

We may have two feet of snow on the ground, but the early tomato seedlings have germinated. I do like to pick my first tomatoes in June, so I plant a few seedling in late January. They germinate in early February, and I keep up-potting […]

More on Growing In Hoop Tunnels

This is Swiss Chard in the garden today, unprotected, after weeks of cold weather, night in the teens (F/- 7 C to -12 C) and days of bone-chilling howling winds with gusts at 50 miles/ h (80 km). Not pretty, right? Certainly not much to […]

Summer Lunch

Summer has been cooler here than in prior years. So while tomatoes are really just starting to ripen and yield – finally!!!! – for real (a good 2 weeks past my usual tomato target date though), cabbage, kale (kale!!! in July! edible!) and lettuce greens […]

Peppers Before Tomatoes

That’s really not the way it’s supposed to work, but that’s how it’s working this year. Despite having started my tomato plants early in February, I did not plant most of them them until fairly late, and since they don’t hold as well in pots […]

S Is For Strawberries

Or is it for Swiss chard? because my chard is doing quite well, thank you very much. I am now harvesting two big bunches a week, and with all that rain, and that nice temperature, it’s growing and growing and growing – as you can […]


or sparrow grass or sparr grass. But an asparagus by any other name is still an asparagus. I learned my lesson from last year: pick every single spear, the huge fat ones (some are larger than my thumb) as well as the skinny ones during […]

First Radishes

I am told that open-face radish sandwiches are an acquired taste. I am told – very firmly – that cream of radish-leaf soup is undoubtedly an acquired taste. Nobody’s perfect! I still plant radishes. Those ‘Radis de 18 Jours’ are young, crisp, mildly spicy and […]

Before The Rain

Before the rain is a good time to: 1. transplant Swiss chard 2. transplant lettuce 3. check on tomato seedlings in greenhouse. Sigh. Too early to transplant outside. BUT

Start! part 2

This is the 2nd article of a 2 part-series geared at first-time would-be food gardeners (Read Part I here) What should I plant? Not so fast! (aren’t you getting tired with me saying this so often?) Before you plant, you need a place to plant. […]

Pushing Up!

Bow to the mighty asparagus! The first ones are now tentatively pushing their rosy tip up – just checking on the above ground weather. Is last year holds true (and so far, it does, as after a few days of warm weather, we are back […]