Consulting & Coaching

Kitchen Gardening Coaching

There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked home- grown strawberry unless it’s a lettuce still wet with dew, a sun-warmed tomato, or a handful of fragrant herbs. Sylvie is available to consult/coach when:

  • You want to grow some edible yourself but not sure how to start
  • You just moved here and are not sure of the growing conditions
  • You want to pick an experienced kitchen gardeners’ brain so you can learn fast without taking years to learn from your mistakes
  • You want to see what composting is about or how to build a raise bed
  • You want practical advice or a demonstration on how to starts seeds?
  • You want some ideas on how to add edibles in your landscape
  • You want some help putting a kitchen garden together, or revamping your existing one

Fee is on an hourly basis, minimum charges and mileage may apply. Uuse just a few hours, or have us come regularly to help you grow that kitchen garden you always wanted.

Apiary Consulting

Keith is available for selected apiary consultation. Fee is on an hourly basis + mileage. Minimum charges may apply.