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Laughing Duck Gardens Cookery prepares and cooks nutritious and flavorful meals for those who want to eat well but don’t have time to cook, don’t enjoy cooking or don’t know how to cook. We are the perfect solutions for those who are tired of eating out, want to change their diet but don’t know how, or those who want a break from their own cooking. We serve families, couples and singles, retirees and busy professionals.

With our services, you save time and avoid possible chores; you waste less food; you do not need to travel as much for grocery or for eating out or take out;  you eat at a variety of nutritious and delicious meals tailored to your needs, budget and preferences - or sense of culinary adventure.

Laughing Duck Gardens Everyday Cookery provide all services traditionally associated with personal chef (menu planning, shopping, prep, cooking & packaging - in your kitchen) through our Total Cookery Package. But we are also happy to cook from your pantry or and to provide only some of those services on an hourly basis (A La Carte Cookery Services). Many people like the flexibility of our offering.

No matter which package you choose, you will have a personalized offering: together, we will go through a comprehensive 6 page questionnaire to assess the foods you love and those you loath, your dietary requirements, allergies - if any -  and your sense of culinary adventure. We’ll also perform a kitchen analysis and a budget review.

Option 1: Total Cookery Package

We provide you with a menu of dishes for you to choose from - based on the result of our elaborate questionnaire.  We shop for all the necessary ingredients and, on the agreed upon day and time, we come to your house, bringing pots, pans & any specialized equipment that your kitchen may not have. Our typical meal preparation lasts 4 to 6 hours, providing 5 entrees (with appropriate sides) each serving at least 4 persons. We will clean up. We package and label your meals  according to your wishes: individual portion (great for singles!) or bulk; in plastic or in glass containers etc… Finally we provide you reheating instructions.

We can customize the numbers of entrees and servings to your needs, but keep in mind that, on a per meal basis, it’s more economical to have more servings of fewer entrées than fewer servings of more entrees.

While we love to cook for you on a regular basis, you are under no long-term commitment. You decide how often you want us to come to your house: weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or one-time only. Pricing for the Total Cookery Package option varies depending on the type of ingredients you request (lamb costs more than chicken; organic ingredients are typically more costly to source and buy), the number of entrees, the number of servings per entrees and the requested packaging. Price for 20 meals (5 entrees & sides when appropriate/ 4 servings each) start at $275 + cost of grocery or approximately $375 total when choosing from our list standard dishes (i.e. you’ll have at 20 delicious individual entrees and sides at approximately $18.75 each, all inclusive and ready to go). Premium dishes & organic ingredients will be commensurately more expensive.

Option 2: A La Carte Service

Laughing Duck Cookery A La Carte Services offers you the flexibility of having a personal chef but letting you choose how to allocate your dollars. For example, you may want to do the shopping and let us cook from what’s in your fridge and pantry (provided a few basics are there!) - it’ll be a surprise using ingredients you bought.  Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a recommended Pantry List if you choose that option! Or you may decide that you want us to spend time cooking and not packaging the food. It’s up to you, we will work with you to design a process that works for you.

For our A La Carte Service, we charge by the hour whether planning, cooking or shopping. Mileage and the cost of food, and other reimbursable - if any -  is additional - so you are in control: your menus can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, using everyday ingredients or unusual ones. Minimum charges may apply. Deposit may be required.


Cookery Grounded in Seasonality, Variety & Flavors

Because we strive to provide fresh, flavorful food, you’ll notice that our menus change throughout the year to take advantage of seasonal food - the perfect antidote to dinner boredom and an easy way to be more “in-tune” with the seasons.

Our forte is French & American cookery, but we take inspiration from several cooking traditions to provide many type of dishes and flavors. Our menu selection change with the seasons, but you would find dishes such as:

· American dishes include lip-smacking BBQribs with baked beans and vinegared collard; chowders; vegetarian and non-vegetarian lasagna; chili con carne; vegetarian chili; classic pot roast with pan vegetables; classic meatloaf; roasted rosemary chicken with mashed potatoes and roasted pan vegetables; gumbo; velvety sweet potato soup; and much more.

· From France will come dishes like roasted rabbit with mustard sauce & braised turnips; chicken tarragon; leek & potato soup; spring lamb & vegetable stew; luscious beef Bourguignon; quiches; pissaladière; ratatouille; Provençal braised beef…

· Italian: How about polenta & sausages with braised Swiss chard? or a hearty Tuscan white bean, kale & sausage soup; lemon chicken & roasted snap peas; risottos; pizza; lasagna; roast pork loin with rosemary; oxtail ragout; Sardinian lamb patties with mint...

· Cuisines of the World: Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean are all flavors that we can bring to your table.

· Desserts: If you have a sweet tooth, home-made sorbets & ice-creams, custards, bread puddings, cobblers, lemon meringue pie, fruit tarts … are all part of our repertoire. They are typically not included in the standard meal package, but you can ask us to add a dessert to your package or to replace one of the entrees by a dessert.