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Un Dimanche A La Campagne - May

Sunday May 1, 3-7 PM

$75/ person


The cooking class series “Un Dimanche A La Campagne” or “Sunday in the Country” teaches students simple ways to create flavorful and healthy meals from local seasonal ingredients, using fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and meat/poultry sourced from small local farms.


We discuss the art of building a menu throughout the season. We thoroughly go through timing of preparation & cooking with emphasis on all that can be made ahead to minimize actual time in the kitchen during your party. We’ll also discuss variations so you can customize the dishes.  The limited-size classes are lively with lots of practical tips, tangents into gardening, food history, vegetable storage, dish variations etc.


In May, we will prepare a “green” menu - green as in the color of the spring vegetables we are using and green like Normandie, the area of Northern France from which the menu is inspired. We will learn how to make pizza dough by hand for a savory country tart - as well as crème fraiche, this staple of Northern France cooking. We will be learn to cook duck as sometimes done in Normandy where duck is indeed beloved: roasted first, then braised in cider with mushrooms. If we are lucky, we will be using morels foraged from Rappahannock hills, otherwise cultivated mushrooms. The peas will be prepared in the quintessential French way: with lettuce. For dessert, we’ll be making a wonderful ice-cream with rhubarb and a seductively simple butter cookie.



Sorrel Vichysoisse


Rustic Asparagus Tarte with Homemade Crème Fraiche


Caneton au Cidre (Duck braised in cider with morels**)

Green peas with onion, lettuce & herbs


Rhubarb Ice-cream Parfait with Rhubarb Compote

Norman Butter Cookies (Sablés Normands)


** if morels not available (forager’s luck!), we’ll be using cultivated mushrooms


Printed recipes provided as well as time to sit down and enjoy the freshly prepared dishes.



If you are interested in one of our workshops but can’t make it, contact us, anyway. If we have enough interest, we’ll repeat the workshop on an alternative day - or we can arrange a private lesson!