Blooming Currants

Did you know red currants bloom as the same time as the cherries?

They do.

But unlike the billowy dreamy snowy cherry blossoms, the flowers of red currant are rather inconspicuous. One hardly notices them – especially with the explosion of greens and colors in the garden around the shrubs.


Still. As insignificant, small and greenish as they are, the bees and wasps notice them, and make a refueling stop.


I know of the brilliant bounty the red currants will yield come June – following the sour cherries and at the same time as the sweet cherries.


  1. Vanille says:

    So good to see all this green and fresh life when everything get dry around here…

  2. Mike At Tulip Hill Farm says:

    So do the quinces!!! My sister’s garden over in Marshall has a really pretty little bush that was abounding with apricot-colored blossoms. It looked very nice in the garden and I asked her what it was – she replied- “That’s a quince”
    I don’t know what she does with the fruit but it sure is a pretty little bush

  3. […] have written before before about my fondness for red currants. I simply adore their brilliant tartness, when mixed with other berries, or by themselves […]

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