On Eating Humble Pie

Back in January, I seeded tomatoes because I confidently was going to harvest tomatoes in June (for the record, it has happened in the past).

Today is July 12; have I harvested a tomato yet? No. Emphatically and sadly no. I mean a “real” tomato,  a handful of cherry tomatoes absolutely do not count. This is what happens when you are unable to up-pot the seedlings as they grow, and grow, and grow.

I have however harvested a pumpkin. Yes, a pumpkin.


To add insult to injury from a volunteer pumpkin (the ones I planted are not as far advanced – by far!  a reminder , if any, to plant seeds next year in April not in May)

The pumpkin was not fully ripe, but as the vine was dying off, I had to pick it. Because it is immature, it will not keep long. So I cut it up and baked it to pre-cook it (it is still firm, although cooked). An immature pumpkin is perfectly edible, the taste and texture a little closer to summer squash that winter squash. There’ll be lots of summery preparation for it – for it is, after all, just a squash…

I’ll saute chunks with shredded sage & butter; I’ll slice it thickly and grill the slices; I’ll slice it thinly and toss the slivers with a spicy dressing and lots of cilantro; cubes may even be sauteed in butter, finished with maple syrup and served with vanilla ice-cream. Who says pumpkin is for winter only? They are eaten all over the tropics and it’s hot there, you know….

This morning, as I was working in the lower garden, I noticed however that one Early Girl was definitively blushing. Maybe a tomato on July 15 after all? Or maybe we’ll have corn before tomatoes this year, the silk are turning brown…


6 thoughts on “On Eating Humble Pie”

  • We haven’t harvested any tomatoes either, Sylvie. We were late with just about everything. But the plants are going gangbusters and we are eating tons of green beans.

    The tomatoes and eggplant and pepper and cucumber can’t be far behind.

  • I know for certain that there won’t be tomatoes before the end of July, but then you know what happens when they DO ripen…they arrive on the scene all once! Looking forward to August…

  • Same here, Sylvie. I am usually happy with tomatoes starting by mid-July, though…I will have to wait even longer considering how much foot-dragging I went through in planting the seeds! This is the latest I have tried with planting all seeded veggies. Just didn’t want the season to start, I guess!

  • My tomatoes were in the ground 2 weeks early this year, and I’m still 2 weeks behind last year in terms of size and ripening. Go figure. It’s been a strange season.

  • I like your thoughts on how to process the pumpkin and will keep them in mind if I have to pull any of mine before they are fully mature. I have a feeling we will have more than a few like that this fall. Good luck with your tomatoes.:)

  • Hi Everybody, well except for Ed, you are all located rather more north than I (even you Rowena), so while I can appreciate your commiseration, it does not quite make me feel better. But thanks. I know I sound ungrateful, but really I am not – just ticked at myself…

    Yes, the tomatoes will come.

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