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The Fourth and Fifth Days of Christmas (of Breads and Limes)

The Fourth Day of Christmas was mostly spent cooking dinner for a group of hungry hunters, out for a pheasant shoot. It is the second time I have cooked for that group. It’s always a good thing when a client wants you back!

On the menu:

Alsatian Tarte Flambée and hot gulf shrimps with a spicy sun-dry tomato sauce. I love making that Alsatian Tarte Flambée – it’s easy and it’s always a winner! How can it not be? Slow cooked onions; bacon; crème fraiche. For informal groups like this one, I make a big rectangular tart on a large rimmed cookie sheet or a large free-form pizza. For smaller plated dinner, I make small individual perfectly round tartelettes served with a mache or frisée salad.

Free-Form Alsatian Tarte Flambee

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The First Two Days of Christmas

Christmas Day –  dinner for 9.

Locally smoked salmon with creme fraiche tartines (homemade baguette)

Cream of butternut squash & parsnips with truffle oil (butternut squash from guest Wendy ‘s garden. This is Wendy’ second year of gardening only and she – unlike me – had a very nice winter squash harvest. Thanks for sharing, Wendy!)

Green garden salad (mache, lettuces, chicories, chickweed & arugula) with fresh persimmon slices, dry cranberries & toasted pecans. Blackberry vinaigrette.

Roasted leg of Piedmont lamb with garlic, rosemary & ginger. Fennel carrots, mashed potatoes & sautéed oyster mushrooms

Cheese platter (Virginia and other American cheeses), homemade quince paste

A fabulous chocolate torte AND profiteroles made by guest and professional baker Brooke Parkhurst of Triple Oak Bakery (amazingly delicious and gluten-free!)

Dainties, locally roasted coffee and homemade cordials.

Served with Virginia Wines:  Barboursville Brut, RdV Friends & Family 2008, and dessert Chateau O’Brien Virginia Apple Wine.


The First Day of Christmas – walk it off

The Second Day of Christmas  – make limoncello

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Allons Enfants de la Patrie…


Amuse-Bouche: Pissaladière

Rillettes D’Oie Sauvage au Coriandre Vert

Salade de Melon à la Menthe et au Combava

Paté Créole Reunionnais
Petite Salade Verte

Vichyssoise à l’Oseille

Poulet Fermier au Vrai Barbeque (Chêne Rouge & Bois de Pomme)
Haricots Verts

Brochettes de Boeuf aux Herbes de Provence
Courgettes & Onions Rouges Grillés

Plateau de Fromages

Desserts Variés
· Crème à la Lavande et au Miel
· Glace au Babeurre & à la Verveine Citronelle avec Coulis de Bleuets
· Tarte aux Apricots Frais

Petites Galette Bretonnes

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Summer Solstice on Turkey Mountain


An all local seasonal menu to celebrate the summer solstice:

Rappahannock Cellars Seyval Blanc 2008
Gadino Cellars Pinot Grigio 2008
Blueberry Wasmund’s Rye Cocktail
Blueberries from Roy’s Orchard in Sperryville, VA
Rye from Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville VA

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Locavore June 25

When in season, you eat it – whatever “it” is – until you are almost tired of it, and then you are ready and happy to move on to the next thing that’s fresh and in-season. But that’s assumed you are either growing an awful lot of “it” – or buying and awful lot of “it”. I am pleased to say I have not reached that stage yet – maybe a sign that I really need to up the garden production… Flavor and freshness are still winners! Freshness unless you are eating venison from this past fall that has been frozen. Maybe it’s not “fresh”, but it certainly is local, coming right from the hills behind us. So venison steak for dinner tonight with sautéed onions, cherry tomatoes and peppers from the garden; very refreshing dessert of tart green apple sorbet (the so-called “June” apples, in effect large thinnings) from Roy’s Orchard in Sperryville, VA with mint from the garden. Lunch was a cold no-cook herbal soup (PA Yogurt, zucchini from Waterpenny in Sperryville, VA, sorrel, parsley & celery leaf – a celery grown for its leaves with insignificant stems – from the garden); country sausage & chayote shoot quiche (sausage from Belle Meade; eggs from a friend; dairy from Trickling Springs Creamery, PA, and chayote shoots from the garden – the first of what promises to be an abundant harvest) with fresh currant and bird cherry compote. Sour cherries might be over, but it is still cherry time!

Locavore June 18

Beverly Hunter was interested in seeing what people ate that was locally grown or raised in or around Rappahannock County, Virginia – as well as bought locally through our small non-chain stores such as Roy’s in Sperryville, E-cow in Amissville, The Corner Store in Sperryville, Food for Thought in Griffinsburg. She inquired on Rappnet, an on-line discussion board for those interested or living in Rappahannock County. Some people took up the challenge for a few days, but me thinks ablog might be an easier way to do this. So here I am starting and will chronicle my locavority (or lack of, sometimes).

– Dinner Monday: quick-fry venison from the hills behind us, courtesy of one of my neighbors sauteed with garlic and onions bought locally and canned tomatoes from the garden (last year’s harvest). Seasoned with definitively not local spices (roasted curry powder brought back by a friend from Sri Lanka) and olive oil. Served with couscous and Swiss Chard (from the garden) . Two square of locally bought chocolate. Read more