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Blooming Currants

Did you know red currants bloom as the same time as the cherries?

They do.

But unlike the billowy dreamy snowy cherry blossoms, the flowers of red currant are rather inconspicuous. One hardly notices them – especially with the explosion of greens and colors in the garden around the shrubs.


Still. As insignificant, small and greenish as they are, the bees and wasps notice them, and make a refueling stop.


I know of the brilliant bounty the red currants will yield come June – following the sour cherries and at the same time as the sweet cherries.

Pushing Up!

Bow to the mighty asparagus!

The first ones are now tentatively pushing their rosy tip up – just checking on the above ground weather. Is last year holds true (and so far, it does, as after a few days of warm weather, we are back to cool – including below 32F (0C) at night), then the asparagus will just wait for milder temperature before coming out in any numbers, and growing to edible size. They’ll turn green as the stalk grow, with just a hint of purple left on the scales.


Meanwhile… can the morels be far behind?

Blue And Red

Spring is blue and red: blue clear sky and red maple flowers.


Indeed the maples are blooming now, the earliest single species source of nectar and pollen for our bees. Read more