Other Cookery Services

Vacation cooking

Have knives… will travel (and we do) . Below pictures from Maine where I cook for a client family 3 years in a row for a week to 10 days

Camp cookery

We have been providing food services for Family Heart Camp organization in West Virginia and Wisconsin for several years. Both camps last 5 to 7 days, attract over 80 participants of all ages with a variety of diets. Working in the camp’s kitchen, we provide 3 meals a day, working with both volunteers and paid staff. We source most of our meat, poultry, eggs as well as much of our vegetables from local farms.

Week-end Cookery Packages

If you want to enjoy your stay in the country (or enjoy your family visiting you in the country!) – while eating good food prepared with many local ingredients – without having to think about it, shop for it, and let alone cook it, we have a solution for you. Whether it’s a week or a whole week, whether it’s you own home or whether you are staying at a vacation rental, we will gladly help make your stay (or your family stay) extra pleasant!

Cookery Workshops, Classes & Coaching

A private cooking class makes for a fun birthday gathering, gives a fund-raiser a different flavor, or is a great pretext to gather a bunch of friends. We also offer one-on-one culinary instruction. You can tell us what you want to learn, or we can help you come up with a menu.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available and can be mailed to you or your recipient of choice.