Personal Chef Services

Have knives, will travel

Laughing Duck Gardens Cookery prepares and cooks nutritious and flavorful meals for those who want to eat well but don’t have time to cook, don’t enjoy cooking or don’t know how to cook. We are the perfect solutions for those who are tired of eating out, want to change their diet but don’t know how, or those who want a break from their own cooking. We serve families, couples and singles, retirees and busy professionals.

With our services, you save time and avoid possible chores; you waste less food; you do not need to travel as much for grocery or for eating out or take out;  you eat at a variety of nutritious and delicious meals tailored to your needs, budget and preferences – or sense of culinary adventure.

Laughing Duck Gardens Everyday Cookery provide all services traditionally associated with personal chef (menu planning, shopping, prep, cooking & packaging – in your kitchen). But we are also happy to cook from your pantry or and to provide only some of those services on an hourly basis . Many people like the flexibility of our offering.

Those services are available as needed or on a subscription basis. For a long-term relationship, we will first go through a comprehensive questionnaire to assess the foods you love and those you loath, your dietary requirements, allergies – if any –  and your sense of culinary adventure. We’ll also perform a kitchen analysis and a budget review. Then you’ll see us on the agreed upon schedule.