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Thoughts on Canning Tomatoes

Students who take my canning class tell me that one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to canning is … surprise!…  time. (the other is the commendable desire not to sicken one’s family) I will not prattle about how time used now is time 

The Year of Rhubarb

The Year of Rhubarb

Or maybe it’ll be “A Year In Rhubarb”, given the voracity with which I am acquiring stalks for the kitchen. I can’t help it: there are so many plump juicy stems for sale… I have to make up for years of deprivation, you know: there 

The Economics of Canning Peaches


I have been offering small hands-on classes on canning starting about one month ago: we’ve had 3 on peaches, 2 on pickles, and the first class on canning tomatoes is in 10 days, on August 17. There will be more workshops throughout August & September, and some on canning apple & apple sauce, as well as pears, in the fall.

Many people are intimidating by canning, but there is no reason to be. I teach canning classes using the Boiling Water Bath method, which, when done properly and meticulously, is not only easy but safe for naturally acid food like fruit, most tomatoes and pickles. My students certainly seem to leave appreciative of the tutorial.

Canning is indeed not difficult. Benefits add up:

  • produce processed when they are at peak of flavor are a treat in the winter that no flown-in or trucked-in fruit can beat;
  • you are in control of the ingredients. For me, too many commercially store-bought canned fruit have may too much added sugar. I can adjust that; You like vanilla? in, it goes. You prefer ginger? add it in!
  • you are in control of the process and the safety of your food – not relying on some unknown machine or factory workers who knows where;
  • it’s sooo convenient later in winter to have a pantry full of almost ready meals;
  • and while cost is only one of the reasons I do this, it is not a negligeable one. Canning can add up to significant savings. Continue reading The Economics of Canning Peaches