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Winter Pickles: Sunroots aka Jerusalem Artichokes

Undemanding. Vigorous. Pretty in a blowzy sorts of way. Tall. You could almost be talking about me. But not quite: Helianthus tuberosus is what I mean. You know: Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes, sunroots, earth apple, tobinambours. Look at them in that somewhat blurry September picture, towering 

Cream Those Sunchokes

So what do you do with that almost, but not quite forgotten vegetable, Jerusalem Artichokes or Sunchokes, freshly dug from the garden? I have read that you can eat it raw, but have not tried that yet – except for a sliver to taste: it’s 

Guess what..

Can you guess what this is (without hovering over it with your mouse)?


Hint: it’s not ginger.

Answer – and recipe – in the next episode.

Oh, and if you are the first person to guess right, I am happy to send you some (US only, please… but not to AK; AZ; CA nor HI ). Then again… if you guess right, you may grow it and want no extras…???