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The Ides Of March

Something softly went through the hollow last night, dropping huge handfuls of wet snow all over. The snow on the ground was gone by mid-morning, but wads of sticky whiteness remained in shrubs and dry grasses – looking like cotton candy. Meanwhile, inside under the 


Today, we are not planting potatoes in the cold frame. View toward the upper garden and view toward the lower garden (from the safety of the porch) and the seed starting area in the house… On the other hand, it would be a good day 

Of Mice And Seeds


Swiss Chard. Round 1: Mice.




Lucullus, Perpetual, Poiree a Carde Blanche de Lyon, Fordhook, Carde Blanche! AARRRRGGH!!!

It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Yes? Yes! YES! It’s that time of the year. Nooo… not the time of cherries (although that will come too), but even better: the time to start seeds for the spring & summer kitchen garden. I am giddy, giddy, giddy. First of all, the days 

Start Your Fall Kitchen Garden NOW

Now is when you should start your fall and winter Kitchen Garden. Truly, there are some things that should be planted in May or June for fall harvesting because those crops take a long time to mature (like celeriac, parsnip, the perennial sunchokes, winter cabbages,