Farm & Apiary

Honey & Hives Products

Raw honey is a seasonal crop. We generally start harvesting in late June. Depending on the year, there might be one large harvest in June only; the harvest may be stretchered through August (as in 2018 which was a mild wet year); sometime there is a small early spring harvest or a small fall harvest. Other products also available are beeswax, candles & propolis. More info here.


Contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in nucs. Nucs are generally ready in May. More info here.

Specialty Crops

Hard-to-find specialty crops in tiny amounts vary as the seasons change and from year to year. Edible flowers, herbs, berries, salad greens, ginger, shiitakes, pawpaws, chayotes, chiles etc. Contact us for availability and order ahead for pick-up.

Other Products

Vinegar pickles, vinegars, syrups, chutneys, jams & jellies (all made with fruit from the gardens or from local farms) are also available. They are prepared in a kitchen not inspected by the health department and are for direct sale only. By appointment or at the occasional local market.