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Tequila Yellow Plum Sorbet

I am canning. Jamming. Pickling. Wining. Infusing. Freezing. Chutneying. Syruping. Cordialing. And otherwise having great fun in the kitchen. And the garden is calling most insistently: “Yo! When are you picking that corn? Have you checked the cabbage lately? The beans, the beeeeans…” and “It’s 

Rusty’s Italian Plum Cake

Vanille teased me for being in an “upside-down” baking mood (and she should know – being “down under” in New Zealand) because I blogged back-to-back about Tomato Tatin and then about Upside Down Plum Spiced Cake. I felt like I had to make a post 

Upside Down Plum Spiced Cake

End of summer: say good-bye to fresh juicy sweet fat peaches until next year. Welcome Italian plums, those tasty versatile little morsels. Because they are cling-free, they lend themselves easily to all kinds of preparations: jam & preserves, liqueurs, chutney, sautéing and grilling, compote and of course baking. Having just acquired 4 gallons of Italian plums at a local orchard, I have enough materials to try a few things. I might even see about drying some.

Freshly picked Italain plums

However, they were picked less ripe than I really care about (something about picking them before the skies open and dump several inches of water on us as storm/hurricane Hannah moves North). So I will let them ripen for a few days before processing a lot of them.

But I had to make something right away. I normally don’t bake too much sweets at home, but once in a while, I will bake a dessert with fruit. My husband was actually astonished when he realized that the cake was for us. He thought I was donating it to the Taste of Rappahannock, a fund raiser from the Headwaters Foundation, or some other worthwhile cause, as seem to have been the case several times recently as he gently reminded me. But, no, the lovely scented Upside Down Plum Spiced Cake was for us, and less than 24 hours after it was made, more than half is gone (hint: try it for breakfast, too, not just dessert.) I better go and make something else – maybe a tart? Continue reading Upside Down Plum Spiced Cake

Not Yet Peached Out

I promised more peach recipes. If “recipe” is the word to use. You got to do a lot of things – fast – when you got a bushel (close to 60 pounds!) of peaches. Perfectly ripe fruit call for a very simple treatment. Why mess