Of Seeds And Mice

Swiss Chard and Cardoon. Cardoon!!!

Since those two are not interested in mice hunting in the greenhouse (only the great outdoors)…



… we had to resort to those:


…baited with organic peanut butter – no less.

Round 2: minus 2 mice.

Ungerminated flats also moved to the house until germination and all re-seeded as necessary. I suppose that’s why I start seeds early. Sigh!

4 thoughts on “Of Seeds And Mice”

  • Handsome kitty with her/his tail all fluffed up against the cold! Too bad you had to resort to the old neck-snappers…but i guess with organic peanut butter their last meal is a healthy one! Good luck with round two of seed starting…

  • were I a mouse & given the choice, I’d go w the neck-snapper. those sweet fluffy kitties have a cruel streak!

  • Argh!! That is why I start mine in the house too. I used to start them in the garage: great southern unobstructed exposure, nice and hot…and mice-y.

    My boots came in handy yesterday in the greenhouse though when I squished a vole.

    The one thing I know about mice and mousetraps is you need to move them around all the time. They’re very curious critters and will scope out any NEW thing, quickly. Snap!

    Thanks for reminding me to replant cardoon, Sylvie. I didn’t cover mine so they’re surely gone after this rough winter.

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