The Art of Picnicing

Serve good food. Serve fresh food.

Use real silverware and a real cloth napkin. Make it pretty.

Be imaginative in your use of containers – avoid plastic.

Print a menu and tuck it in the box.

Have fun.

7 thoughts on “The Art of Picnicing”

  • A State Park is a great place for a picnic you have described. Spring is here — be sure to take a kite.

  • I clicked on the picture to read the menu… Too curious to guess what could go with this salad and cookie for dessert…;)
    I like the idea of a printed menu !

  • Ed, as the weather was rainy on Saturday, we ended up eating inside an 1827 farm.

    Rusty, this was actually a business luncheon for 8, everybody got a box. But we’ll do it soon again for fun, heading for the hills.

    Vanille, to be able read the menu, I think you have to click once to get once to get a single small picture, and then again, to get a large picture. I thought that was a cute touch…

  • Looks like a fantastic picnic! Everything sounds delicious, especially the tomato and onion confit with roasted pork shoulder. I wish we were neighbors:)

  • ah the Art of picnicing! A menu is an excellent idea. Silver goblets for champagne are a must and often we have a soup course, chilled in summer and hot in the fall.

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