Time for the Farm Tour!

One of my favorite farms, The Farm at Sunnyside near Washington, VA, was at the new farmers’ market that opened today next to the White House. The First Lady delivered the opening speech… right in front of Sunnyside’s truck and its colorful logo.

Sunnyside is a beautiful farm in a beautiful location and they produce truly beautiful fruit & vegetable (they taste good too). And you can tour the farm and attend some interesting programs during the upcoming Rappahannock County Farm Tour the last week-end of September.

What’s that, you say?


Yes! Rappahannock County (65 miles west of Washington DC, population 7,200, county seat Washington, VA) is having its first farm tour the last week-end of September, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27. Almost 2 dozen venues are participating, showing the diversity of our small farms including grass-fed lamb & beef, vegetables & fruit, orchards, two farm schools, several nurseries, multiple wineries etc.

As one of the organizers of the tour (which may partially explain – or at least excuse – the rarity of posts to this blog recently), I have to say that it’s going to be a real treat. Besides being able to tour the farms – some of which typically not open to the public – you’ll be able to attend demonstrations, workshops & other fun (and informative) activities. There’ll be workshops and demos on a wide varieties of topics on weaving, on cooking grass-fed meat, on planting trees, herding with dogs, beekeeping, small-flock poultry, cheese making, shearing sheep, picking grapes etc.

What better way to kick in the fall season that coming to visit Rappahannock County, spend time with small farmers, learn aboiut small scale sustainable agriculture and engage in activities for the entire family?

More information at the Farm Tour web site.

Come to the Link in Sperryville, VA (the historic Sperryville Schoolhouse, 12018 Lee Highway/Route 211). Get your program ($5 admission fee for adults), say hi to me at one of the registration tables, browse the vendors at our “All thing RappahannocK’ market (gluten-free scrumptious good from Tripole Oak Bakery, hand embroidered items, grass weaving, ceramic tiles, quail eggs, apples, meat, hand made garden furniture etc) and spend a wonderful week-end. See you then!

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