More on Rappahannock Farm Tour

I’ve got to say, I am tired but I am wired.


Our first Rappahannock County Farm Tour is coming up this week-end – all volunteers organized and we are getting good pre-event coverage: check it out here on Fox News (Fox News!!!) – be sure to play both clips at the bottom, it’s a total of about 15 minutes total, filmed at The Farm at Sunnyside one of the participating farms, with also an interview of Cliff Miller of Mount Vernon Farm (also on the tour). Great interviews! Great shots!

Our local newspaper had this article too.

Come and see us this week-end. Let’s make the world a better place, one carrot and one chicken at a time.

Why are we doing this? Many reasons, each volunteer on this project has his or her own reasons. But this video from the Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance shows what motivates some of us.


Dreamers? probably… they are needed, you know…

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