Postcard From The Garden


One of my favorite herbs, blooming now (complete with ant & pollinator)

3 thoughts on “Postcard From The Garden”

  • Sylvie,

    Aren’t they beautiful flowers? Tasty, too. Looks like your rosemary fared better than ours. We have a bed of 80 or so mature plants and at least 2/3 of them appear dead…it’s quite a loss. We’ll replant some, but it will take time to get them to that size again.

  • Deirdre: that rosemary spent the winter in the greenhouse (that still counts as “the garden”, doesn’t it?), with probably a 1/2 dozen cousins, all different cultivars. The ones outside are either dead, or severely damaged – unfortunately. I love the nuances of tastes provided by different cultivars and often use rosemary for a little kick (or a big kick). As a matter of fact I recently prepared a lemon rosemary sorbet (which was decorated with rosemary flowers. They are quite spicy aren’t they?) and the week before I had a rack of lamb with rosemary, and again used the blue flowers as an edible garnish. In my parents’ garden the rosemary is so big it’s practically a hedge and they take huge branches from it and throw it on the fire to perfume grilled meat and fish… and keep mosquitoes away.

  • I plan to ask our chefs if they want any of the dead wood for smoking meats- at least then I’ll feel as though they did not die in vain. Lemon rosemary sorbet sounds amazing!

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