Blue And Red

Spring is blue and red: blue clear sky and red maple flowers.


Indeed the maples are blooming now, the earliest single species source of nectar and pollen for our bees. On sunny days, the bees come out of the hives for clean up and to forage. I just imagine they are happy to fly again, collect nectar again, and start the honey producing cycle again. Sure they go after early garden flowers like blue Iris histrioides (below) or crocuses, but those can’t beat the sheer abundance of the maple: one flower is small, but millions of them all together are staining the wooded hills with patches of reds.

The maples are blooming. Alleluia!


Iris histrioides 'Harmony'
Iris histrioides 'Harmony'

Spring is red and blue.

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  • I’m not familiar with maple flower (happy that you post them), but the iris are beautiful (yes, one of my favorite) ! And guess what, I planted some bulbs of iris (finger crossed for next Spring, as I don’t have a green thumb…)

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