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Ending The Summer Garden

October 31. Let’s call it over. Hurricane Sandy passed through: let’s consider it done with the summer garden – wasn’t that much left any way, between the summer heat and drought, and our early October frost (Oct 12). The storm uprooted our old apple tree. 

For Everything There Is A Season

This is the introduction to the current Seasonal Table, a column – with recipes –  that I write for Flavor Magazine. The recipes are appropriate for any autumnal meal, and certainly, together, would make a local Thanksgiving feast in many parts of the US. Harvest 

Maintenance Notice

For the next few days, starting Thursday June 2, the blog may look funky as it’s getting revamped. After much (much!) foot dragging I am switching theme. As much as I like the clean simplicity of the current one, I picked it 3 years ago when I started blogging and knew nothing whatsoever about “themes”. There are a lot more things I want to do, so I new a theme with more capabilities is in the very near future. Be patient as we work through the update!

Meanwhile, the garden is producing its first potatoes & beets – and we are firmly into pea season.



Still Harvesting

Last evening I saw the man in the moon. In the incredible Hunter’s Moon that hanged, powerful and enormous, for a short while. As I was driving home, the sun sinking behind the mountains at my back , the majestic Moon was rising in the