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Making Radishes Lovable

There is somebody in the house who’s not so fond of radishes, especially radish leaf soup or stir-fried radish pods, but I’ve just hit the jackpot! I made something with radishes where the reaction was: “I can eat radish like that all day long!” I 

Cream Of Radish Leaf Soup and Homemade Farm Cheese

My frugal peasant instincts won’t let me throw out (OK, compost) perfectly good to eat radish leaves. Of course, there is somebody in the house (who shall rename nameless) who does not think that radish leaves are perfectly good to eat. I still, sometime, manage 

First Radishes


I am told that open-face radish sandwiches are an acquired taste.

I am told – very firmly – that cream of radish-leaf soup is undoubtedly an acquired taste.

Nobody’s perfect!

I still plant radishes. Those ‘Radis de 18 Jours’ are young, crisp, mildly spicy and pleasantly rosy. Still… not quite “18 day” radishes as the French name would have you believed. I sowed them on the last day of March and picked them on May 1, so they are 31-day radishes. Maybe in good French garden soil that’s been manured for 300 years they become edible in 18 days? not here, at least not this early in spring. I have just sowed some more, let’s see if they are of edible size on May 19… Because I don’t have 298 years!


Note the tiny carrots seedlings in between the rows of radishes: they were sowed at the same time, but carrots take so darn long to come to any respectable size!

The best way to eat those just-pulled from the garden radishes is with a little salt and some really good butter.

The leaves are young enough that they just get shredded and tossed, at the last minutes, in whatever is cooking.

I won’t make radish-leaf soup for a few weeks yet.

But I will enjoy those petite blushy crunchy snacks!

(I also planted ‘Champion’)