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The Bees in Winter

It’s been a hard winter for the bees. Harder than usual. We have lost 1 of our 3 colonies and it’ll be a few more weeks at best till we see reliably clement temperatures and blossoms for them. How can we help them?

Small Miracle On A Snowy Day

Woke up to the smell of bread baking, teasing me awake… Since the oven was hot already from the bread baking, I decided to make a cherry cobbler and a peach cobbler – using sweet cherries and peaches picked, processed and frozen last summer. Fresh 


Today, we are not planting potatoes in the cold frame.

View toward the upper garden


and view toward the lower garden (from the safety of the porch)


and the seed starting area in the house…


On the other hand, it would be a good day to go scatter seeds of Shirley poppy, nigella, chamomile, and all those hardy annuals that bloom in early summer, really prefer some cold while they are seeds, and want surface sowing. Just a thought… in case you did not scatter them last fall.

I am actually glad of the snow covering since the forecasts are calling for single digit temperature tonite (in F! in C, that’s -13° to – 15°). At least the snow blanket will provide some insulation from the biting cold. And we surely need the water (although 4 inches of snow is not a lot of precipitation).

But we take what we get, and we say thank you.