Locavore June 18

Beverly Hunter was interested in seeing what people ate that was locally grown or raised in or around Rappahannock County, Virginia – as well as bought locally through our small non-chain stores such as Roy’s in Sperryville, E-cow in Amissville, The Corner Store in Sperryville, Food for Thought in Griffinsburg. She inquired on Rappnet, an on-line discussion board for those interested or living in Rappahannock County. Some people took up the challenge for a few days, but me thinks ablog might be an easier way to do this. So here I am starting and will chronicle my locavority (or lack of, sometimes).

– Dinner Monday: quick-fry venison from the hills behind us, courtesy of one of my neighbors sauteed with garlic and onions bought locally and canned tomatoes from the garden (last year’s harvest). Seasoned with definitively not local spices (roasted curry powder brought back by a friend from Sri Lanka) and olive oil. Served with couscous and Swiss Chard (from the garden) . Two square of locally bought chocolate.

– breakfast Tuesday: Cereal with local milk and blueberry freshly picked from the garden. Frair-trade coffee from Central Coffee Roaster

– lunch Tuesday: huge mix lettuce salad from the garden (I can’t expect to eat such for very long now, but thanks to shading, I have been able to prolong lettuce season a little), with locally-bought dried cranberries and local chopped boiled eggs. Smoothie for dessert using strawberries from the garden, frozen peaches from Williams Orchard (bought last year) and Pennsylvania maple-syrup bought locally.

– dinner Tuesday: pasta carbonara, Virginia style: with slivers of bacon from Belle Meade in Sperryville, Virginia ham and local cream (yes – not exactly light fare, but OK once in a while) and a side of arugula from the garden (no dressing to make up for all the fat in the pasta…) for me and sugar snap peas from my better half (he does not care so much for the pungency of arugula…). Dessert was minty strawberry sorbet (mint from the garden, local strawberries).

– breakfast this AM: same

– lunch today: left over pasta and arugula. came in at 2:00 pm, starving, after having run errands to prepare for my upcoming workshop on Saturday June 21: Growing and cooking with herbs.

2 thoughts on “Locavore June 18”

  • Hi Sylvie. Nice blog! I look forward to following your further adventures as a locavore. I am very pro-locavore, but being a commuter severely limits my time a) to garden, b) to prepare fresh food, and c) to take fresh food with me to eat at work for 2 meals. I do at least try to buy all my veg and eggs and most of my fruits from the Farmer’s Market in season.

    Also wanted to let you know that there’s a typo in the URL for Food for Thought so it doesn’t work. Thanks!

  • Hi Paula. Thank you for the encouraging words. I used to commute for 15 years myself before taking the big leap, and I was fortunate that I worked at a place that had a fridge and microwave, so I was able to brown bag. Was better, a great conversation starter in the employee lounge – and saved us LOTS of money over the long run. And Saturday morning would indeed find me at the Farmer’s market loading up for the week.

    Thanks for telling about Food for Thought. I fixed that.


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