Before The Rain

Before the rain is a good time to:

1. transplant Swiss chard


2. transplant lettuce


3. check on tomato seedlings in greenhouse. Sigh. Too early to transplant outside. BUT …. check closer. Do a little joyful skip: the ‘Yellow Pear’ seedlings have buds! Tralala!


4. watch debris burn (after 4:00 PM – State law) in the summer garden. I’ll be planting the summer crops there in just a few weeks. I had hopes to have the low tunnel ready by now so I could have started a few things earlier… but it was not to be this year! Still have soil to move there. Lots of.


2 thoughts on “Before The Rain”

  • Oh wow, your tomatoes are lovely – and so far along! Next year I’ll have to start mine earlier. What varieties did you start?

  • Amelia – I start tomatoes in two waves. One really early (my spreadsheet says Feb 3, this year – it should have been the last week of January but….) for those tomatoes I hope to be able to harvest in June, and a second waive in late February/early March (Feb 28 & March 3 says my spreadsheet) for my main and late crops. The one photographed is part of the first sowing which included Fantastic, Yellow Pear, SuperSweet 1000 & Celebrity. The 2nd sowing consisted of Long Tom, Amish Paste, Cheroke Purple, Matt’s Wild cherry, Wetsel Red Cherry, German Tree, San Marzano, Roma, Mel’s Special & Mel’s Big Beef. As you can see lots of “paste” & cherry type, as I will be doing a lot of canning and drying again this year. I might still sow some quick growing determinate type for fall harvesting. Sowing is not yet over….

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