Allons Enfants de la Patrie…


Amuse-Bouche: Pissaladière

Rillettes D’Oie Sauvage au Coriandre Vert

Salade de Melon à la Menthe et au Combava

Paté Créole Reunionnais
Petite Salade Verte

Vichyssoise à l’Oseille

Poulet Fermier au Vrai Barbeque (Chêne Rouge & Bois de Pomme)
Haricots Verts

Brochettes de Boeuf aux Herbes de Provence
Courgettes & Onions Rouges Grillés

Plateau de Fromages

Desserts Variés
· Crème à la Lavande et au Miel
· Glace au Babeurre & à la Verveine Citronelle avec Coulis de Bleuets
· Tarte aux Apricots Frais

Petites Galette Bretonnes

In other words:

Hors D’oeuvre: Provençal Onion Tart

Wild Goose Rillettes With Green Coriander Seeds

Cantaloupe Salad with Mint & Combava Leaves

Creole Meat Pie from Reunion
Garden-Fresh Green Salad

Sorrel Vichyssoise

Red Oak & Apple Wood Slow-Smoked Chicken
Green Beans

Beef Kabob with Herbes de Provence
Grilled Zucchinis & Red Onions

Cheese Tray

Choice of Desserts
Honey & Lavender baked Custard
Lemon Verbena Buttermilk Ice-cream with Blueberry Sauce
Fresh Apricot Tart

Butter Cookies From Brittany


Celebrated with almost 2 dozen friends on Saturday, with – as usual – a rousing rendition of La Marseillaise, fueled by sparkling wine from Barboursville.

The meal – although with a strong French influence – was made from mostly local ingredients some even garden-fresh (except for flour, anchovies, olives, some of the onions, spices & coffee – and cheese!) Some was cooked indoors, some outdoors; some at the last minute, and some days ahead. It’s great fun. Everything is made from scratch, including the bread (but not the cheese – that I buy)

Guests pitch in, some bring wines, other beer, another a luscious layered strawberry cake, and another fresh peach daiquiri. We all sit down at a long table (well, most years we got to have two long tables, as the dinning room is not ling enough for one table). We cheer, we eat, we talk, we drink, we talk, we sing. A good way to celebrate.

Photos courtesy of Bruce Jones.

BTW – I am sending this post to One Local Summer 2009 organized by Farm to Philly. A local feast!

6 thoughts on “Allons Enfants de la Patrie…”

  • It looks like you had a magnificent Quatorze Juillet feast! did you have a Son et Lumiere display afterwards? *g*

  • Wow !! Ca c’est un festin !
    Rien que de le lire me met l’eau à la bouche…et le pâté créole ! Ca fait tellement longtemps que je n’en ai pas mangé…

  • Paula – well … we had fireflies for the “Lumieres” and cicadas for the “Sounds”. Although we were pretty cacophonic ourselves and get drowning out the cicadas…

    Ed – once in a while, one has to go all out, you know?

    Vanille – I got my mom’s recipe, my sisters taught me how to make it last month when they came to visit. It is surprisingly easy, and it came out remarkably well. I always try recipes on my guests for Le Quatorze Juillet. Some are keepers, and some… not. D’ailleurs je crois que l’un de mes prochains post sera Le Pate Creole Reunionnais. Tu verras – c’est facile. Il faut juste prendre son temps.

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