On Relativity

100 feet to clear of snow to the chicken coop cum compound…


… or 1/4 mile up an unplowed dirt road and then 1/4 up the hill – plowing as you go, and don’t forget the gates – to bring hay to the cattle?


Makes you appreciate all the hard physical labor, planning, resourcefulness & ingenuity it takes to be successful farmer.

Also makes one appreciate much better why so many of the old farm houses are pretty close to the road (not 1/2 mile over a remote hill) and the tightness and efficiency of how the buildings were grouped.

More snow is falling sow, fat flakes falling straight. We certainly have had precipitations this winter – the winter I decide to leave the dahlias undug outside. Let’s hope for an abundant morel season come April (will be somewhat of a consolation from having to buy so many new dahlia tubers…)

2 thoughts on “On Relativity”

  • Wow, Sylvie, you’re really being treated to “the theater of the seasons” this year! I lived in Roanoke for a year back in the ’80s, grad school, and a couple inches of snow would shut the whole town down. I would never guess I was looking at Virginia to see that picture. Hang in there. Spring is just around the corner…!


  • Brett – in an odd way, I like winter with snow. Better than cold without snow cover. And we so need the water.

    I know Spring is almost here although it’s hard to tell, BUT: days are longer than 10 hours, things are starting to grow again in the unheated hoophouse and tomato seedlings and peppers seedlings are germinating. It’ll be a while before I can plant them out though…

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