Postcard From The Hollow

Elle est belle ma campagne… She’s is greening, pastures growing for cattle and sheep…


In the garden, things are also fattening (lettuce & mustard greens) and  pushing up: fava beans up (yeah!!!!), peas 2 inches tall, potatoes, and first asparagus tip showing its purple nose yesterday.

Of course, that tip was just the vanguard. Every year, a few show up in early April, push the soil apart to see the sun, check out the weather and then just wait until they decide the conditions are just right to grow more – several looong weeks later. They also send word down to their brethren that there is no rush since it’s just the few of them (and yes, it is mostly their “brethren” since most of my plants are male).

It’s going to be a good year in the garden. Of course. Every year in the garden is a good year. Promises, broken promises, failures, joys… life.

Are you taking the slow road with me?


1 thought on “Postcard From The Hollow”

  • The slow road sounds good to me. Hope you do have an excellent year in the garden, sounds like it is off to a good start…but like you said, and I so agree, every year is a good year in the garden.:)

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