How Does Your Garden Grow?

I know it’s a little wild looking.



  • the raspberries  are very strong and lush despite a very dry April (and I managed to put a netted trellis for them, so the branches stay upright, hopefully making harvesting easier)
  • the Shirley poppies are absolutely gorgeous – although they have been allowed to take over the asparagus bed. The harvest may have been a tad affected – something that somebody in the house will not let me forget. I say that April was very dry, and THAT affected the harvest (but next year I plan to give the poppies a bed all of their own)
  • the peas are growing growing growing! We had our first mange-touts today at lunch, sauteed with spring onions, asparagus (yes, see… asparagus!), penne, and chopped left-over pork roast in a little pork fat. Today’s version of pasta primavera con carne. Tomorrow’s version will be something different.
  • In the foreground day lilies, blackberry lilies and black-eye susans  are also fattening nicely. (day lily flowers are edible)
  • In the background cilantro and chicories are bolting – soon to flower. Green coriander seeds again – that ephemeral treat –  in a few weeks as well as the arresting blue of chicory flowers – a visual feast for the eyes. Although I have to wonder: are chicory flowers edible?

and so, yes I will concede that the paths could be better weeded and that the mâche going to seed all over the place might be a tad overdone. But the poppies, oh the gorgeous scarlet & crimson poppies….

Shirley poppies petals are edible too – so, there, I am growing a mesclun salad plant!.To be fair, I grew Shirley poppies before I knew they were edible. The flower of memory appears so fragile – yet is so resilient. Finding out that they are edible make them even more welcome in my garden, and I can just imagine how eye-catching  Shirley poppy syrup might be. Maybe just maybe this year, I’ll make some…

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