Summer Solstice on Turkey Mountain – The Pictures.

I am zonked. Elated, but zonked. The Summer Solstice Farm Dinner worked beyond our expectations. There is absolutely something magical that happen when you gather people around a long table (or in this case 3 long tables of 50 people each), in the fieldd, in 

Summer Solstice on Turkey Mountain

An all local seasonal menu to celebrate the summer solstice: Canapés Rappahannock Cellars Seyval Blanc 2008 Gadino Cellars Pinot Grigio 2008 Blueberry Wasmund’s Rye Cocktail Blueberries from Roy’s Orchard in Sperryville, VA Rye from Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville VA


First a quick update from Cherries-on-Top: in April, Garrick reported a black bear visited, knocking down the two hives that were there for increased pollination.They now have lots of little green cherries on the trees – growing!!! (the photo was taken by Garrick in early 

Rappahannock Summer Solstice Farm Dinner

I treasure local seasonal produce, local farms, local farmers, local chefs and dinner parties that get us around the table for food, friends, conversation and laughter. You know that. So it should come as no surprise to anybody that I am helping to put together 

Fragile Promises

Cherry blossoms in early April are incredibly lovely, aren’t they? and incredibly fragile. They open their snowy petals for pollinators to do their jobs when the chance of freeze or frost is still real and so one wonders: is this too early? will a frost