The Ides Of March

Something softly went through the hollow last night, dropping huge handfuls of wet snow all over. The snow on the ground was gone by mid-morning, but wads of sticky whiteness remained in shrubs and dry grasses – looking like cotton candy.


Meanwhile, inside under the shop lights, seeds planted earlier this month have germinated, true leaves starting to show.Soon to be moved to the greenhouse, thinned and even up-potted.seedling-2009-03-065

and then… peep peep… arrived today, brought by a big stork…peep peep


5 thoughts on “The Ides Of March”

  • Aww! NEW PEEPS! (of course your seedlings are adorable too) What do I see: barred rocks? ameraucanas? black australorps?

  • Matt – yes there are as cute as new kittens! just don’t mix the two.

    Ed – maybe one days some of our cities will become more enlightened.

    El – good eyes! It’s supposed to be ameraucanas and black australorps. But one of the 8 looks a little different, so maybe a barred rock found its way into our little lot? While my parents had chicken when I was growing up, they were different breeds than the one we can easily get here… and frankly, I was not paying much attention then! My dad actually had a small home incubator, and turning the eggs and moistening the incubator twice a day was not the children favorite chore!

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