The Miraculous and Delicious Egg

  To the music of “These are a few of my favorite things” – and  with apologies to Maria! – let’s all sing together: Soufflés & Quiches, Omelets & Crepes Clafoutis, Flans, and Croque-Madames Waffles & Cremes, Meringue & Mousse Not to mention sunnyside up 

On the Value of a Hoophouse

Cost: $100 (mostly recycled materials).Value? priceless. After a hard day of trampling paths up & down the hill or shoveling the 22″ of snow that have graced us since Friday (or plowing snow for Keith, including the road and the driveway of several neighbors), we 


Can you guess which one is the river and which one is the road (and that’s less water running through than early this morning) No matter, we are stuck here! And the rain’s not over yet. First order of the day was to move the 

Chickens Are Not Vegetarian

They love insects, worms, caterpillars, maggots, larvae, meat if they can get it. They do need animal protein for a balanced and healthy diet – which means also chicken and eggs healthy to eat – and delicious. If anybody ever doubted that chickens are not 

On Chicken

The chicken have moved to their winter quarters. We’ve taken the wire fence from the summer garden down; moved the electric net fence to enclose the new chicken area; relocated the coop inside the old summer garden, and built a little dome shelter – complete 

Breakfast For The Girls

We are calling them girls (Gael, Gladys, Gwen, Gali, Gudule etc etc). There might be a boy in there – won’t know for sure for a few weeks. He’ll be Gaston, or Gus, or Gaspard – haven’t quite decided yet. The girls are still in 

The Ides Of March

Something softly went through the hollow last night, dropping huge handfuls of wet snow all over. The snow on the ground was gone by mid-morning, but wads of sticky whiteness remained in shrubs and dry grasses – looking like cotton candy. Meanwhile, inside under the