Postcards From the Kitchen

Tired of peach cobbler?
Summer pears ripening at local orchards get poached and tarted

Even a large roast is not too large for two. Love left-overs in summer! Actually I love left over any time, but there are particularly appreciated in summer when there is so much to do, and not nearly enough time to do it.

It's always a good time for pork shoulder roast

Tomatoes work wonder in Tatin tart:

A favorite way to prepare plum tomatoes

and finally, chayote squash vine is now growing exuberantly, yielding lots of greens for the kitchen. A good thing since shepherd purse is just about the only other greens doing well (oh, and sweet potatoes). Even Swiss chard has rust!

Just picked chayote shoots


and links to prior posts about chayotes – My most popular posts I think, based on the number of comments!

Growing Chayote in Virginia

A Recipe for chayote shoots

2 thoughts on “Postcards From the Kitchen”

  • Sylvie,

    Great to have you back! I am envious as always of your cooking skills- what mouthwatering tarts, both sweet and savory. Greens are struggling here, too- everything but lambs’ quarters, which towers over everything. Here’s hoping for a cool, rainy fall harvest season!

  • Thanks Deirdre. You so often have photos of wonderful dishes on your site too! Yes, indeed to a cool, rainy (but to TOO rainy…) and prolonged fall. I am planting my salad greens at the moment and with watering them, I am hopeful for a good crop.

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